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Photographs of the lightness of being by Philippe Morillon

Curators: Bénédicte Siroux and Alexis Chapron


Exhibition at the Hotel "Jules et Jim"

11, rue des Gravilliers 75003 Paris

Until January 29, 2022

“Those years, I'm 25, I have fun like crazy, I work during the day and I go out at night to the Palace or to the Bain-Douches, I have coke with Warhol and Bowie, everything is going very well. Well, what more could you ask for? "

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I was an illustrator.  I did a realistic style work, to document it I took pictures and in the evening, to finish the film,

I was photographing… It was very exciting.

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There is no professional intention in these images, they are very light, very immediate photos, just like we do today with the phone.

Mick Jagger perruque.jpg

They foreshadow modern photography. Like family photos, they are snapshots of a moment, of a life, of an era. Even self-portraits are made like selfies.


Helmut (Newton) had given me a small Pentax, it was light and not bulky but not easy to manage without flash and in difficult light conditions.

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Karl - copie 2.jpg

It is the moss of an era ... "

Philippe Morillon for Esthete Place


Self-portrait with Andy Warhol in front of the Palace theatre, 1978. 

Betty Catroux with a revolver, 1981.

Mick Jagger at the Palace Drag Ball, 1978. 

Christian Louboutin and Vincent Darré at Privilege, 1980. 


Diane de Beauvau and Jacques de Bascher at the Paris Opera, 1981. 

Rolland Barthes at the Palace, 1979. 


Karl Lagerfeld at the Venetian ball at the Palace, 1978.

Philippe Morillon & Ozu ©estheteplace

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