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Hubert Le Gall,

Hubert in the land of the Gods!

Sculptor, designer, scenographer, but also magician and philosopher....
 by Véronique Dupard-Mandel

published on December 10, 2022
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He is said to be a sculptor, designer and scenographer but in reality he is a magician who transforms our worlds and has fun with decorative art, his favorite playground. As a perfect illusionist, he transforms tables, consoles, sofas, vases, lamps and other accessories into a series of animated works. From the bottom of his hat he brings out mischievous rabbit-agile candlesticks, “Butterfly” mirrors, “Serpentine” wall lights, “Pinocchio” cabinets, “Albatros” desks, “Whale” armchairs, “Zébulon” duck floor lamps, flower-tables, “drop of water” or “azure” chests of drawers… A veritable bestiary and flora born from his imagination with unbridled symbolism.

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And when this Merlin the enchanter does not summon the stars or the cosmos, it is on the side of ancient Greece that he will plunge into mythology.

Brilliantly, he took over the "Villa Kérylos" planted on the rocky point of the Baie des fourmis in Beaulieu-sur-Mer. This villa, a neo-Greek temple, was commissioned by the patron-archaeologist Théodore Reinach from the architect Emmanuel Pontrémoli at the beginning of the 19th century. In 2021, HLG took over the place and offered us an enchanting and playful reinterpretation: its installations, objects or sculptures became Song of the sirens, Parade of the Minotaurs, bag of Three, Satyr who thinks he is Apollo "...

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Did our Ulysses come back from this beautiful trip with the precepts of a new philosophy? Be that as it may, Hubert the Philhellene has brought back something to surprise us in his musette, as evidenced by the illustration of a small collection dedicated to EPICURE, "Letter to Ménécée and other works", published by Les Belles Lettres and translated by Jean-Louis Poirier.

A beautiful reflection on his epicurean relationship to objects.

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“Working with vases, the crater being the support of history among the Greeks, symbolizes a catalyst element - that of the container which fills and empties, which transmits fluidly from one to the other. I associated this idea of the container with the human body. This vase which empties, which is charged, which suffers, which is surrounded by the outside world, which is benevolent or malevolent to it. It is in space, has no materialized environment, it is a bit like a soul, an envelope  – an analogy of the vase, of life and death – The epicurean, stays on his own, protects himself from the outside world – seeks this balance within himself”. HLG

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