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Mattia Bonetti

The Denim Armchair and Floor Lamp

By Serge Gleizes

22 November 2021
Mattia Bonetti Esthete Place JPG
Mattia  sitting on the "Denim" armchair © estheteplace



Designed in 2005, the Denim armchair and floor lamp were presented for the first time in 2007 at the Galerie Italienne in Paris. And in fifteen years, neither of them has aged a bit! “The idea was simple,” says Mattia Bonetti, “it was a matter of working on disproportionate shapes to then dress an armchair and a floor lamp in the most famous and worn canvas in the world. It all grew out of an observation, or rather a criticism of the surge of clothing in custom jeans that were then sold for exorbitant prices in the 2000s. What interested me was to reinterpret the codes of denim, to make luxury out of a simple material, to work on a form of excess, of exaggeration. "

So he went to the Flea Market to buy old clothes in jeans which were washed and cut, then assembled and sewn back into a skilful patchwork. Close to haute couture, the said tapestry then dressed the carcass with an ultra comfortable armchair, a nod to a Napoleon III low chair, handcrafted with springs and horsehair trim.  


Each creation of Mattia Bonetti is a pamphlet. A baroque and playful demonstration, always poetic, which zooms in on the zeitgeist of an era. Acquiring one of his works is therefore buying a vision of things, a story that we reclaim. It is in this wake that he gave birth to emblematic creations born from the finest know-how and craftsmanship. These pieces which marked the spirits since the 1990s, are presented in flagship galleries, Néotu, Waiting for the barbarians, Avant-Scène in Paris, the David Gill gallery in London, the Paul Kasmin gallery in New York, and were also exhibited in the largest museums in the world.

In the last things done, he has just participated in the Re born Project exhibition organized by the Italian manufacture Ginori 1735 at the Pierre Passebon gallery in Paris, presenting a table service and a porcelain cabinet, and he is already preparing the London edition which will take place at the David Gill gallery in 2022. His agenda is still as busy, between private orders for furniture which then fly to New York, London, and Switzerland, and a next line of rugs  for the contemporary carpet brand Diurne.

THE CHOICE of Mattia Bonetti for ESTHETE PLACE

Mattia Bonetti fauteuil denim  unique must have
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Mattia Bonetti lampadaire denim unique must have
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Armchair   "Denim", UNIQUE piece.

Year 2007

Materials: fabric, wood, keys, chains, leather

H 90 cm x W 100 cm x D 100 cm

H 35.43 x L 39.37 x W 39.37 in


Floor lamp "Denim", UNIQUE piece.

Year 2007

Materials: fabric, wood, keys, chains, leather

H 220 XL 80 XP 40 cm

H 86.6 XL 31.5 X W 15.7 in



nicolas lefebvre

Nicolas Lefebvre


jean-Louis Gaillemin

Jean-Louis Gaillemin

Art historian - Photographer

Georgina Letourmy Bordier

Georgina Letourmy-Bordier

Fans specialist

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Philippe Biancotto

Photographer - Artist

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