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Nicolas Lefebvre Esthete Place

Nicolas lefebvre 

" 3D artist" 
Dandy, Divine and Mother Goddesses ...
by Véronique Dupard-Mandel

December 13, 2021

Nicolas Lefebvre

Dandy : Which  Striking first when you meet NL is its natural elegance and ease. His way of moving, his slightly dragging and deep voice, his serene sweetness and that something benevolent and youthful which makes that after a few minutes spent in his company you feel "all chakras open" ...


Let's come down to earth ...


Divine : In his pantheon Nicolas invents his mythology. He tells us about a world where the gods are represented by ready-mades of Dadaist spirit or brut art. According to his inspiration. A bit of a shaman and a jack-of-all-trades, he invents works that reverse the roles and send us back to the status of the consort, whose primary prerogative would be love.


Mother goddesses : There is nothing in common between a driftwood, a mammoth bone, a few pearls, fragments of tissue or skin… and the goddesses of the ancient pantheons. However, one would have to be deaf not to perceive in the work and the assemblies of NL disturbing echoes of female divinities, mothers or virgins, sometimes both, symbols of femininity, life and fertility.

He has the talent to bring together all kinds of objects, precious as well as worthless, traditional, organic, domestic, often old ... but always outside categorization. Through this creative process, he thus unites nature with man, symbolizes the union between civilizations and flirts with the sacred.

THE CHOICE of Nicolas Lefebvre for ESTHETE PLACE


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