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Louis de Bayser  expert dessinsEsthete Place

Louis de Bayser, profession expert!

The drawing is the intimate part of the artist!
by Véronique Dupard-Mandel

February 7, 2022
Louis de Bayser Esthete Place

Louis de Bayser, professional expert

The drawing is the intimate part of the artist!


Rue Sainte-Anne we knew the reputation of numbers 7, 11, 12, 17, 34, 47, 63*… each contributing in its own way to making the history of Paris, from the 17th century to the 70s and 80s, and here is the 69, high place of… expertise!


At the end of the courtyard, on the right, on the 1st floor and behind the large glass door, you can access the Holy of Holies of Drawing!


This is where Louis de Bayser and his 3 brothers, Patrick, Mathieu and Augustin officiate, because like the 3 musketeers, there are four of them and their field of action is drawing expertise, in other words, the "Queen" category !


Louis de Bayser, not quite fifty, with a youthful look, tells us about the job:

“You become an expert when you begin to have a certain vision of the field in which you work. At first it's foggy and it takes some time before a certain clarity appears, before the artist arises in a natural way in your brain at the sight of a drawing.  Expertise is a process that takes time.

It is acquired throughout a career, it is a bottomless pit. There is no plenitude, we are always learning. That's what's incredible about this job, we're always learning and it's very motivating! We have the impression of starting from a solid base but it consolidates each time we are presented with a new drawing. »

The drawing is the intimate part of the artist!

The painters formatted, during the XVIth, XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries, by the official orders express themselves in a more intimate way through the drawing, more natural, more free.

Louis et Mathieu de Bayser Esthete Place
Mathieu and Louis de Bayser ©estheteplace

At the Cabinet de Bayser, the quartet, sometimes joined by the conductor Bruno de Bayser - father, expertise in works from the 15th to the 20th centuries.  With a predilection for  the 16th Italian:  The 16th century is the domain of drawing excellence, from Zuccaro to Michelangelo, from the Florentine mannerists to the Roman classics. The 16th century is the pinnacle of the art of drawing in the period which is our expertise. »

Until the 19th century, drawing, highly developed in teaching and in workshops, always had an important role in student learning. The masters gave drawings to be copied or reproduced. This explains why a large part of the drawings remain anonymous. Surroundings, workshops, schools… And then, conversely, a drawing  can be attributed with certainty, either because it is preparatory to a painting, or because it resembles all the drawings that are part of the artist's corpus. There are irrefutable elements such as the technique, the paper of the time, beams that agree to say with certainty that the drawing is by such an artist.

Thus the experts investigate, scrutinize, analyze the beauty of the curve, the drawing of a line, the strength of the black stone, the smoothness of the pencil, the grease or the dryness of the pastel, the warmth of the sanguine, the transparency of the Chinese ink, the modeling of a wash, the chiaroscuro of charcoal, without forgetting watercolor and gouache... With the precision of a scientist, they evaluate the mastery of the technique or the gesture, track down the origin matter, and with the intuition of experience and the genius of the detective, they deliver to you, or not, the name of the little master or the great!


Louis de Bayser is also president of Fine Arts Paris and of the drawing fair.



Louis et Mathieu de Bayser  expertEsthete Place
Mathieu and Louis de Bayser, in the grand salon of the Bayser gallery ©estheteplace
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Bayser's office

Patrick and Augustin de Bayser


M Bonetti Esthete Place

Mattia Bonetti


Nicolas Lefebvre

Nicolas Lefebvre


Maryam Mahdavi

Maryam Mahdavi

Photographer - Artist

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Jean-Louis Gaillemin

Art historian - Photographer-journalist

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