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Hubert de Malherbe

Malherbe Metaverse Universal Real Tour!

by Véronique Dupard-Mandel

Monday, March 21, 2022

Hubert de Malherbe Esthete Place

To meet Hubert de Malherbe was to take a ticket for a "MMURT",

“Malherbe Metavers Universal Real Tour”!


The feeling is huge!  Nothing virtual, everything is real. Forget glasses, 3D prostheses, consoles and interfaces. It's raw, direct HMI (Human-Computer Interaction). The Hubert de Malherbe man is not a machine, but the sensations you meet him are total and immersive!


HMI,  it is the heart of its blockchain.  Isn't man primarily interested in the design and development of interactive systems taking into account its societal, ethical and aesthetic impacts, to offer users the best market experience?

His work therefore aims to find the most efficient, accessible and intuitive means for users to complete a task as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Hubert de Malherbe Esthete Place

Hubert de Malherbe? A French engineer, designer and scenographer. He is the head of Malherbe Paris, an independent creative agency. International leader in “retail design”. He has to his credit hundreds of thousands of m2 of imagined, designed and built shops. Founded in 1989 in Paris, established in China in 2010 and recently in the USA, Malherbe Paris works with nearly 200 employees around the world.



Malherbe Design -to which is added Malherbe Digital- it is also innovative concepts at the service of brands, available for perfumes, cosmetics, clothing, wine castles, planes, "Family Stores", hypermarkets... from mass distribution to luxury, on all continents.

Its clients are for the most part leaders in their field. LVMH (Dior, Samaritaine, Sephora...), Cartier, Smalto, Fred, Annick Goutal, Château Minuty, Hennessy, Krug, Veuve Cliquot, HEMA, DAHER (French TBM aircraft manufacturer), Sogo, E.Leclerc, Carrefour, DFS in Macao, IKKS, Mellow-Yellow, Home-Up in China, Orange, Mannor in Switzerland, Tie-Rack, Celio, Bercy2, Fnac… The list is very, very long, as is the experience of the man…


Hubert de Malherbe's choice for ESTHETE PLACE

Console béton(1).jpg
malherbe Green Kiss console.jpg
malherbe Green Kiss table trèfle.jpg
TABLE TREFLE Hubert de Malherbe  outdoor grennkiss.jpg

Concrete bracket

Greenkiss Furniture


Clover table, concrete

Greenkiss furniture



M Bonetti Esthete Place

Mattia Bonetti


Nicolas Lefebvre

Nicolas Lefebvre


Maryam Mahdavi love boat

Maryam Mahdavi

interior designer

Jean-Louis Gaillemin

Jean-Louis Gaillemin

Art historian - Photographer-journalist

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