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Hicham Berrada Présage, 20181991 copie.jpg

before the storm,
Trade Exchange 
Pinault Collection


“BEFORE THE STORM”:  allegorical parable of about fifteen artists who invite reflection on climate change.

The storm threatens the Bourse de Commerce. Is it the fear of its near and sudden bursting the reason for this eclectic exhibition, hyperbole of a world in programmed dereliction?

Not devoid of poetry, the exhibition flows through disturbances, gusts, turbulence, to end in a great whirlwind of plenitude. Indeed the visitor (rinsed?) will end his visit in the basement-refuge, slumped on a mattress, bathed in a bluish light facing an immersive screen and lulled by the heady murmur of mantras...

"Before the Storm" invites the visitor on a journey, from shadow to light, through installations and works from the Pinault Collection" according to the road book of the exhibition which is held until September 11 and in two sequencings during which the Rotonde of the Commodity Exchange will change recipient. Danh Vo then Tacita Dean.

The visitor will discover an ecological exhibition-manifesto "by fifteen artists against a backdrop of climate change, darkness and light, spring and winter, rain and sun, day and night, he human and the non-human coexist within this unique display of works from the collection.

These unstable landscapes, captured in a desynchronized round of time, represent new ecosystems in which the visitor is invited to immerse himself. »

More simply  we think of Marcel Pagnol who described this suspended and disturbing moment so well:

“Violet clouds passed over our heads, and the bluish light dimmed minute by minute, like that of a dying lamp. I wasn't afraid, but I felt a strange anxiety, a deep, animal anguish. The scents from the hill had become odors and were rising from the ground, almost visible....”

So, no need to take out your lightning rod, let yourself be seduced by the lightning strikes, the storm threatens but the hurricane will not take you away.

Pinault Collection "Avant L'Orage" Commodity Exchange, until September 11
Works credits ©estheteplace
1 & 2 Danh Vo TROPAEOLUM 2022  3- Anicka Yi Elysia Chlorotica, 2019
4 & 5 Robert Gober, Waterfall, 2015-16 - 6 Edith Dekyndt  
7 & 8 Diana Thater - Tacita Dean Diana Thater 1986 
9 Benoit Pieron the writing desk  - 10 Frank Bowling Texas Louise  (detail) 1971 - 11 Cy Twombly 2000 - Daniel Steegmann Mangrane_cc7819035-94cde-cc7819035-bad58-bad
12 Hicham Berrada Présage, 2018  video installation - 13 Pierre Huygue, video 2012-13 
14 Jonathan de Andrade - 15 Judy Chicago 1857 women and smoke 1971
16 Dineo Seshee BOPAPE, Video Installation 2022 - 17 Frank Bowling Texas Louise 
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