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©Adrien Millot

Julien Recours

A desire called Utopias!
By Véronique Dupard-Mandel

Julien recours C'etait demain.jpeg

Collector and hunter… of archeologies of the future.

Jeans, T-shirt and trainers, talking like a machine gun speed, Julien Recours is a boy of his time, a time he doesn't like wasting.


The motivation of the one who loves the time of the past future so much, born in the 70s?


Bargain hunter since the age of 14, he has, with maturity and experience, specialized in monumental, spectacular pieces and a certain so-called utopian architecture of the 60s and 70s.

Exterieur Julien Recours BD.JPG
J Recours espace exposition BD.JPG
Julien Recours  grandval  2.jpg

After having acquired the nose of a Boeing 747, reactors and other various pieces of rockets or planes, here he is buying his first… TETRODON. No misunderstanding! It is not a question of this dangerous specimen, inflatable fish which poisons the inexperienced Japanese gourmet amateur, but of a structure (modular and adaptable habitat, hence its name) in fiberglass designed by the architectural firm AUA - Atelier d'Urbanisme et d'Architecture - in 1972 and manufactured by the Barbot group.


"I liked this modular house which arrived in my universe of objects so much that I decided to devote a period of my life to this architecture and even to no longer devote myself to a collection of works of architectures.


Then comes this addictive side, the eye sharpens and sees what everyone has in front of them and no longer sees or not, in a garden, in a forest, at the bottom of a meadow at a farmer's house, in a shed, buried in an abandoned field…”


This is what happened with Gérard Grandval shell desk found, documented and identified by his “talisman”, a Cacharel sticker! “Thanks to this object I met and exchanged with Gérard Grandval and even Jean Bousquet, together we carried out a restoration project. »

shell desk (period document) © cacharel
gerard Maneval.png
Gérard Grandval poses in front of a module being restored

So here is JR thrown into the deep end of the archeologies of the future and these architectural remains. Maneval, Algeco 2002, a Candilis house, and even parts of one of Bernard Schoeller's famous Piscine "Tournesol" (sun flower". support the projects.

In this story he involves his companion Jessica. At first I helped Julien to restore the pieces, today I work with him...

P1020373 copie.jpeg
J Recours detail BD.JPG
Julien Recours hangar 4 BD.JPG

And to store all their treasures, they give themselves adequate means:  un place 4000m2 of buildings with restoration workshop and presentation space. “It's a 4000 m2 Cabinet of Curiosities for my visions, our visions, for the love of objects. »


On the occasion of the Heritage Days Julien Recours opens this spectacular place, not to be missed for all lovers of a return to the future!

J Recours bulle Maleval 2 BD.JPG
Julien recours grandval 2.jpg


« C’était demain  - Visions d’une architecture de vacances 1968-1979 »


Free entrance, tous les week-ends du 17 september - 16 octobre 2022 10 am - 6 pm.

Le Pavé de Mézière, route de Pithiviers, 45340 Juranville

© Julien Recours, Adrien Millot, EsthetePlace
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