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Georgina Letourmy Bordier

Georgina Letourmy-Bordier
Expert in Fans...

Skilled profession!
by Véronique Dupard-Mandel

Géorgina Letourmy Bordier
October 18  2021

 As a child, Georgina does not remember having dreamed of doing another job than her own. Fans have always been his passion.  

In view of her career, one can easily believe her; 

Doctor in Art History, Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, in 2006 she defended the first doctoral thesis in France, devoted to the history and iconography of this fashion accessory.

Expert in fans at the Court of Appeal of Versailles, 
Expert, member of the French Union of Professional Experts in Works of Art (SFEP / CEDEA), specialized in Fans. 17th-20th centuries,

Co-author with José de Los Llanos of the book  "The golden century of the fan From the Sun King to Marie-Antoinette" published by Editions FATON, and published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition, presented at the Cognacq-Jay museum in Paris, in 2013-2014,

Curator of the exhibition "The fan, materials of excellence. Nature sublimated by the hands of the craftsman" for the Museum of Mother of Pearl and Tabletterie in Méru (Oise) ...  

Her credo says:  “Making fans known and recognizing them as works of art is one of the great ambitions that have driven me for many years. "  

She  also collaborates with numerous studies in France including Ader-Nordmann, Cannes auctions, Chevau-Légers Enchères in Versailles, Coutau-Bégarie and associates, Jakobowicz in Melun, Lynda Found, Crait-Müller, Millon, Mirabaud-Mercier, Normandy-Auction, Oger-Blanchet, Piasa, Pierre Bergé and associates, Rennes Enchères, Rossini, Thonier-Enchères, Villanfray and associates ...

And she gives us Rendezvous  Thursday November 4 at Drouot  for a sale of the ADER study  (DECORATIVE ARTS FROM THE 17TH TO THE 19TH CENTURY - PART 1) where more than a hundred fans from Europe and Asia will be auctioned, with beautiful nuggets like a fan celebrating the birth of the dolphin of France in 1781 ...

You can also find Géorgina Letourmy-Bordier on

f acebook and  instagram 

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