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Heading for the Little Prince!

With his magician's costume, his messy hair, his scarf as a banner, his sheep, his rose, his fox -camped upright on his little planet around which twinkling stars and other planets twirl around-

he made a stopover in Paris at the MAD,

         Museum of Decorative Arts, until June 26, 2022.        

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For the first time in France, an exhibition recounts the work-phenomenon of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (half story for children, half work with a universal message) translated into 490 languages or dialects and read by 450 million people on planet Earth. .


In all, 600 documents, manuscripts, posters, correspondence, photos, films and drawings, some of which have crossed the Atlantic for the first time.


Disappeared at sea in 1944 during a reconnaissance mission, Saint-Exupéry did not experience the success of his manuscript, written and published in New York in 1943 and published in France in 1946.

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saint Exupery le petit prince _ 6755 .JPG

The manuscript of Saint-Exupéry's masterpiece is on display at the Museum of Decorative Arts today in Paris.

The opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of this timeless tale while discovering its most sensational pages...

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A record book, a global publishing phenomenon for 75 years, sold two hundred million copies and translated into almost 500 languages.

"I am from my childhood"

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exposition petit prince Saint Exupéry.JPG

It is around drawing that the aviator and the little prince meet: "Please...draw me a sheep!"

"She's never there when we call her...I know she never came home either...she doesn't call...I'm falling out with her!"

petit prince .JPG
Saint Exupery, avion, petit prince.JPG
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The opportunity also to revisit the work and life of the great aviator and writer.

to Consuelo:
"Don't lose me! don't lose yourself
See you soon! " 

_6811 copie.JPG

The Morgan Library in New York, which holds the manuscript, lent the most sensational pages.

"He always lived with little drawn characters who accompanied him everywhere. And then, one day, these characters crystallize  explains Anne Monier Vanryb , curator of the Saint-Exupéry exhibition.

IMG_6870 copie.JPG
le renard des sables le petit prince bd.JPG

On this very fine paper, the blond boy with the scarf
yellow takes shape and the soul of Saint-Exupéry hovers.

Under the false starry sky of the exhibition are thirty priceless pages... They have traveled from New York, where the Little Prince was born in 1942.

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In December 1935, Saint-Exupéry participated with his mechanic André Prévot in the Paris-Saigon air raid, in order to break a speed record.
His Caudron Simoun F-ANRY hit a dune in the Libyan desert, Egypt. During three days of wandering, Saint-Exupéry encounters some sand foxes.

The baobab... "We know that fairy tales are the only truth in life".

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IMG_6858 copie.JPG

The king on his tiny planet... is the tale aimed at children or their parents? it is here that perhaps lies the strength of the subject and the poetic beauty of the story and the images that embody it.

"Meeting the Little Prince" exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts - Until June 26 

Catalog of the exhibition Co-edition Gallimard-Museum of Decorative Arts

We love The Pop-Up Book of the Little Prince youth edition - Gallimard 

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Saint Exupery Petit Prince Pop Up livre.JPG
Saint Exupery Petit Prince Pop Up livre3.JPG
Saint Exupery Petit Prince Pop Up livre 5.JPG
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