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at the Center Pompidou until January 2, 2023 


At the Pompidou Center an angel passes…
by Philippe Renaud*

Guardian angel of tradition or fallen from modernity? His hanging up there is breathtaking and loving to us. Is it bad painting of a bobo emulator, the nimble rabbit's donkey (the artist lets it be understood that his relationship with the donkey is one of the most complicit) or a brilliant page in pictorial technique and above all of art history? Are we looking at a figurative or conceptual painting? A classic painting or the work of a cacique Indian ? Is he the author of a theater where the rule of the game is  the search for the missing actor and especially his accessories?

Are we in a combed garden or are we wandering in a forest  virgin and primary where  truth and lies cannot even hide since they are one , more Siamese than twins?    Is Gerard Garouste the interpreter of Apollo or Dyonisos Hermes who walks arm in arm with the gods of universal mythologies and inventors of essential literature, Dante, Rabelais, Don quixote, Kafka… and even Hergé and his Milou.   Mystic and poet at the same time, visionary  and nabi he practices Talmudic casuistry; he answers our questions with other questions. This is the raison d'etre of art after all. Gérard Garouste  is a brilliant seducer who   makes you want to dive into the tormented anxiety of his world, which is also ours, all things considered, and that of our moribund civilization. He paints a demanding but instructive chapter which should not be  the last chapter of philosophy and art history. A must see to understand why the curtain must not fall so quickly on Western culture. The curiosity revealed by his work is a lesson in the generous sharing of essential otherness.

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1- Police Comedy 1979 - 2- Elisabeth and Gérard Garouste at the Palace  3- La Dive Bacbuc 1998 

4- detail La Dive Bacbuc 1998  5- Les Lutteurs 1982  6- Orion, Maera and the mirror, 1984

7- 8- sculpture 9- view of the exhibition 10- Portrait Le masque de chien 2002 11- portrait of Elisabeth 2005

12- The Old Man and the Prostitute  13- Lanesse and the Fig 2005 14- Ave Eva, 2005  15- Balaam, 2005

16- The student and the other himself 2007  17- The Blind Booksellers, 2005  18- Isaiah of Issenheim, 2007

19- The Rosselin circus, 2007 20- The Theater of Don Quixote, 2012  21- The three masters and the fat geese, 2017 

22- the Marten and the Squirrel, 2019 23- Alt-Neu-Shul on the Pont Neuf, 2020 24- Pinicchio and the game of dice, 2017 

25- Midrash, 2016 26- sculptures and Dante view of the exhibition  27- Still life  28- The white clown and Augustus, 2019

29- The Banquet, 2021  - The artist in his studio, view of the exhibition 

Gerard Garouste--38.jpg

* Philippe Renaud exhibited at the Travers gallery, which he directed with William Wheeler,

"Police Comedy"
de  Gérard Garouste, 

second personal exhibition of the painter in February 1979.


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