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Edith Théret, Master glassmaker ...

May 21, 2021
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At 27, young Edith Théret already has a temper of iron, or rather tempered glass!

A classic basis "It is through the knowledge and mastery of the fundamentals of graphic art, from drawing to oil painting, through modeling and engraving that I discovered and chose glass work which has become my favorite material and expression " . She explores all its techniques, including 2D and 3D, to reveal the plastic and emotional richness of light and glass. Her latest creations reflect her taste and inspiration for the art deco period, which she stages through figurative and geometric compositions.


Before meeting her again next June, for an exhibition "Opening" not far from the Pantheon in Paris, RV in her studio, where she reveals her latest works and her "Whish list" decor and arty , sources of her creative inspirations, that you can find in our shop.

Edith also works to order and to measure: you want an interior or exterior stained glass window, a coffee table, a screen, ...


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Philippe Biancotto

Philippe Biancotto

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